Van 78: The Current Dilemma

A very long and quite possibly riveting video in which I ponder the possible locations for the new Ecotree Lithium battery and the Renogy 2kW inverter in the campervan along with the associated other bits and pieces.

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Products and tools used in my van build (as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)
Ecotree Lithium battery:
New heater unit (diesel):
New inverter (Renogy):
Induction hob:
Portable toilet:
Mains charger:
Solar charger:
Old heater unit:
Old sink / hob:
Old inverter:
DeWalt jigsaw:
DeWalt drill:
DeWalt mitre saw:
DeWalt circular saw:

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  1. Hi David, is there no room under the passenger seat in the cab for the inverter ? it would be a good place to put it if there is room and the battery could go where the existing battery is ?

    • There is but it’s incredibly dusty and lots of grit etc down there which I don’t want sucked into the inverter. Plus it’s a bit too far from the battery for my liking. You’ll see what I’ve done with the next video, coming very soon.

  2. Tony Garden, South Africa

    Putting the inverter under a false floor or a shelf may reduce cool air flow to the point that the fans cannot adequately cool the inverter. The maker should have air space specs to guide you as to the volume/size of the instal space.

  3. David, You are designing a wold class bodge. Why are you so wedded to the existing woodwork? Draw out the optimum layout on paper, remove the old panelling as required and install the electrics where they are accessible and safe from water spillage. Alternatively carry on with the bodge which you will not be happy with as long as you have the van. Progress means change. Good luck!

    • No it doesn’t. There’s absolutely no need to completely re-make everything and it’s certainly not a bodge.

  4. Andrew Middleton

    Hi David. I’m an avid follower of Vandemonium. But please, can you do something about the bare wood that was left when you took the trunking near the sink. Aghhhhhh!. P.s can’t wait to see the finished project.👍

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