Vlog 54C: Q&A With A Vengeance

At last, it’s the third and final part in the trilogy of Q&A videos, prompted by your excellent queries submitted recently.

See part 1 by clicking here and part 2 by clicking here.


00:00 Video begins

00:32 Would you ever do full time van life?

01:34 Do you enjoy boat living more than the van?

02:08 Which is more cosy, van or boat?

03:08 Would you leave the boat for the van?

03:20 Will you move to a house?

04:02 Any difference between van and boat people?

04:28 Pros & cons of van life vs boat

05:20 What do you miss about the boat when in the van?

05:38 Favourite van styles?

05:49 Types of cheese

06:16 Will you make a branded cheese?

07:14 Which Scooby Doo character are you?

07:31 Noodle choices

07:38 Van Morrison or Van Halen?

07:43 Do you like squirrels?

07:58 Dealing with hot days in the van

08:16 Do you use the van loo?

09:34 Do you use the shower tent still?

10:16 Did you replace the tent pegs?

10:26 Did you buy a toaster?

11:04 Best gadget ever bought?

11:58 Did you ever think of building a TV reporter van?

13:15 How did you build your water system?

13:28 Do you use water purifiers?

13:59 What did you expect van life to be like?

14:15 Does the van wobble when you … “live” in it?

14:51 Where do you store the window covers?

15:06 How difficult is full time van life?

15:12 How much more does it cost to have a camper over a car?

16:16 Has your life improved since leaving employment?

17:26 Favourite hidden thing in the van?

17:33 What do you forget to bring to the van?

17:49 How does your van cope with wet ground?

18:42 Do you have a job?

19:49 Would you include a partner in your videos?

21:01 Favourite van vloggers?

21:18 Did the conversion affect the van’s handling?

22:00 Favourite / longest trips

23:17 Will you rent your van?

23:29 Are you claustrophobic in the van?

23:53 Best and worst aspects of having a van vs boat

24:42 Benefits of campervan over caravan?

26:28 Ever had any critters in the van?

26:48 Mould and damp

27:46 Have you named the van?

28:04 Van mileage when bought?

28:09 How long before the engine breaks?

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Products and tools used in my van build (as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)
Ecotree Lithium battery: www.ecotreelithium.co.uk
New heater unit (diesel): https://geni.us/Van_Autoterm
New inverter (Renogy): https://geni.us/Van_RenogyInverter
Sink: https://geni.us/Van_NewSink
Induction hob: https://geni.us/Van_InductionHob
Fridge: https://geni.us/Van_CoolFreezeCDF26
Portable toilet: https://geni.us/Van_Toilet
Mains charger: https://geni.us/Van_MainsCharger
Solar charger: https://geni.us/Van_SolarMPPT
Old heater unit: https://geni.us/Van_PropexHS2000
Old sink / hob: https://geni.us/Van_SinkHob
Old inverter: https://geni.us/Van_Inverter
DeWalt jigsaw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltJigsaw
DeWalt drill: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltDrill
DeWalt mitre saw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltMitreSaw
DeWalt circular saw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltCircSaw

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  1. You are very entertaining and not the least bit boring, and if you heard uproarious laughter from across the pond, that was me! 🤣🤣🤣

    I’m watching Cruising the Cut off Amazon for I think the ninth time. I love the technical info, the lifestyle commentary, and especially the scenery. There’s a shot from the Macclesfield where the canal bends gently to the left with a mountain ridge running across the frame behind it that reminds me of one of my favorite bits of road near where I live.

    I watched quite a few of the YT videos too, and I thought your relining the shower showed lots of problem-solving ingenuity and stick-to-it-iveness.👍👍👍 I think I watched all the videos here as well, and you’re right, Wales is spectacular.

    All the best to you!

    • Awww thank you so much! I’m delighted you have enjoyed them. I’m also pleased you found it on YouTube, which carries on where Prime left off (for reference, at about vlog 201 or thereabouts). Cheers!

  2. Thank you for the info on UK van life. My parents sold their home in Kansas & lived in their motorhome for 7 years and I dreamed of doing that in the UK — so your info was extremely helpful! Love watching your channels, especially Cruising The Cut.
    Keep up the bloody brilliant work!

  3. Thanks for that, watched it all, you have a nice way about you, a good presenter, easy listening voice. Thanks.

  4. Hi David, thanks very much for your videos – I have watched them all and enjoyed them a lot.

    I do have one question if you don’t mind – do you have an estimate of how much time it took you to do the conversion? All the best to you.

    • Hard to remember but for insurance purposes I had to get it done within six months. I think it took nearly all of that because of doing it outside over winter which meant there were many days when I couldn’t work or it was too cold for the glue etc.

  5. Karen from Kentucky USA

    Thanks for the 3 q&a which I binge watched. Interesting and entertaining as usual.

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