June 18, 2024

Vlog 9: A Tint of Things to Come

Despite the wind, which wobbled the camera on the tripod quite a lot and caused it to go bananas at the end, I had a nice mild day at the end of January when I seized the chance to install rear windows into the campervan. This involves cutting the metal from the rear doors, preparing the windows and door surrounds, then glueing the windows on with extremely sticky adhesive.

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Vlog 2: Ply me to the moon

An early part of my conversion of the Toyota Proace into a campervan was to take out the factory-fitted ply lining on the walls and floor, partly so that I could have a look at the state of the metalwork, partly so that I could give it all a good clean, and partly so that I could put insulation in. It turns out that removing the ply wasn’t as straightforward as I’d imagined.

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