Vlog 11: Totally Floored

After the efforts shown in the last vlog, I was not happy about the panel gaps in my new campervan floor – so I bought a load more plywood and re-cut them, using the “almost right” ones as a starting point. In this video, I describe this process in probably excruciating detail.


  1. Richard Jackson

    Did you consider putting insulation batts between the floor joists before putting down the floor itself? That would be much more effective in preventing the convection currents in the floor thus giving better insulation.

    RJ Adelaide Sth Australia

    • I haven’t got sufficient headroom in the van to allow for any degree of proper insulation board, I just can’t afford to lose even the extra inch or so that it would need. Hence the primitive radiant barrier & tiny air gap “solution”!

  2. I felt your pain with the gaps and unevenness of your initial cuts for the flooring. I wonder if you have thought of using a batten board or long piece of straight scrap as a guide you can than simply clamp down and run your jigsaw along making a perfect straight cut? Oh and by the way, I love Cruising the Cut. From the USA

    • Hi. Thank you. I did try this but despite giving it two or three attempts, I still managed to get the cut wrong! No idea why :-(

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