Vlog 41: Show and Tell

Before I picked up my rental campervan and headed off around New Zealand’s North Island, I took the chance to visit the Covi Motorhome, Caravan and Outdoor show in Auckland. It was very interesting to see the range of RVs in NZ compared to what we have in the UK – and to see so many of them oriented towards outdoor living and cooking whereas we just know it’s going to rain…

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Products and tools used in my van build (as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)
Ecotree Lithium battery: www.ecotreelithium.co.uk
New heater unit (diesel): https://geni.us/Van_Autoterm
New inverter (Renogy): https://geni.us/Van_RenogyInverter
Sink: https://geni.us/Van_NewSink
Induction hob: https://geni.us/Van_InductionHob
Fridge: https://geni.us/Van_CoolFreezeCDF26
Portable toilet: https://geni.us/Van_Toilet
Mains charger: https://geni.us/Van_MainsCharger
Solar charger: https://geni.us/Van_SolarMPPT
Old heater unit: https://geni.us/Van_PropexHS2000
Old sink / hob: https://geni.us/Van_SinkHob
Old inverter: https://geni.us/Van_Inverter
DeWalt jigsaw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltJigsaw
DeWalt drill: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltDrill
DeWalt mitre saw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltMitreSaw
DeWalt circular saw: https://geni.us/Van_DeWaltCircSaw

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  1. Not complaining here, but… I can’t pass up a chance to “educate” and “enlighten” ha ha! It always amazes me how many people call the vehicle (truck) that you saw a R. E. O. SPEEDWAGON because it has the same “name” as the musical group. In fact… when the trucks were built and sold around the USA they were called “REO”, pronouncing it as a WORD, like “Rio” in Rio de Janeiro… not the letters R. E. O. It is true that the company’s name was taken from the founder’s name “Ransom E. Olds” using only the initials of his name. That fact can lead a person to think of it as initials, so we can’t fault younger folks for using R. E. O. I’m in my middle 70’s and my father, and uncle on my mothers side, both “advised” me (when I was a kid) when I rattled off those letters, that it was a word “Reo”. I know all the old guys (20 and 30 years older than me) who actually knew that fact have passed on, so no one today remembers all that stuff but… I should also say that the band, by using the truck co.’s name and pronouncing it like they do leads folks to think the truck company’s name is said the same way, so it’s not your fault here. Again I hope I have not offended you, and hope that you found this info interesting.

    On another subject… I love the work that you do… and have followed your Vlogs
    Vandemonium, and CruisingTheCut, from very early on. I wish you all the best and hope that you become a very successful Vloger, not that you are not successful today (lord knows the number who view your productions is very large). But I would wish that you can live the way you would like with no “bills” hanging over your head, and that you can CONTINUE to give us the wonderful experience of living on a canal boat (while operating a “camper” every few weeks). People like me can only dream about what you are doing, and live vicariously through your wonderful Vlogs.

    Thanks again,
    Frank Dwyer
    Eden, NC…. USA

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