Van 50: Carpark Campervanning (Part 1)

Being unable to stay away from home overnight at present due to lockdown restrictions, I decided to have a weekend “away” in the van in the car park. This is part 1 of that exciting tale.

Other YouTube I watched in this video
Car Throttle:

Products and tools used in my van build (affiliate links)
Heater unit:
Portable toilet:
Sink / hob:
Mains charger:
Solar charger:
DeWalt jigsaw:
DeWalt drill:
DeWalt mitre saw:
DeWalt circular saw:

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  1. David – if the Ridge Monkey is not proving to be a huge success, have you thought about a thermal cooker? Does need some culinary skill (ish) though and I know you’re not massively fond of spending a great deal of time in the kitchen.

    I own one and like it, find it useful.

    Just a thought.

    Look it up online , there’s some info out there , if you do think one of these may be a suitable bit of kit for you .

    • Cheers. I have no skill (!!) but I think I just need more practice with the RMonkey. The second slice of pizza came out fine :-)

  2. Can’t wait for part 2!. Tony Garden, Johannesburg.

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