Vlog 38: Kind of a big Deal

On December 29th, some wonderful friends I used to work in Kent with decided to have a catch-up and meal at a local pub, and I was invited along too. I went down in the campervan and stayed overnight on the road overlooking the sea. Before I left in the morning, I went for a quick tour of the seafront. This is the video of that trip (obviously)

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/SSkno3k13DwKx2wEA
Filmed on December 29 & 30th, 2019

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  1. Hi David, we really enjoyed the travelog aspect of your Deal trip. Is it possible that in the future you might follow this format again? I’m sure we would enjoy that also. Could you expand the format to your Narrow boat activities, I wonder…..
    Rod and Jul

    • Yes, I do this format on the camper van videos because the idea of them is to visit places. It’s not something I intend doing on the narrowboat channel because that one’s all about life aboard the boat (and I don’t tend to do much visiting of the places I’m passing through, on the boat). Cheers

  2. A very interesting look at the beach town of Deal. I found the Time Ball Museum quite unique, as well as the Memorial for the twelve Band Members who were tragically killed by an IRA bomb. As a suggestion, I would consider using a pair of small hydraulic Bottle Jacks to level your van as opposed to ramps. They would be much smaller to transport and far more accurate than trying to stop at that perfect point on a ramp to achieve level. Great video as always David, thank you.

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